Choose the right frequency for your ultrasonic cleaner

        The effect of Ultrasonic cleaning is not necessarily in proportion to the frequency and cleaning time.   Sometimes consuming a lot of time with low ultra frequency can’t be assured to get rid of contaminants efficiently.  Choosing the right frequency is critical to remove the contaminants easily, even in a short time.

         Although the strengthened cavitations in high frequency cleaning optimize the cleaning effect, it may also taint the substrates, such as precision electronic parts, at the same time. Moreover, the bottom of the tank where the transducer plate is mounted may also be damaged by the over strengthened cavitations.  Basically it’s fine to apply TCE in solution in the damaged plate, but when it comes to plain water or water-soluble solutions, the plate will be corroded even more seriously. Therefore, choose the right ultrasonic frequency according to the actual practice is very important.