The advantages of using ultrasonic technique for industrial cleanings:
The basic components of an ultrasonic cleaning system:

1.   The Tank: It is made of stainless steel and used to carry the objects waiting for washing.  It is generally rectangular and can be manufactured in just about any size. It can be equipped with a heater and thermostat. The transducers are usually mounted on its bottom.

2.   The Transducer: It is used to transform power into mechanical frequency of piezoelectric ceramic.  The transducers vary over different frequency applications.   

3.  The Generator: It provides power inverter to the transducer.  It’s an imported IGBT part equipped with over-current protection circuit. 


The cleaning principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine:

After the transducer transforms the high frequency power into mechanical energy, the high frequency vibration with tiny amplitude is generated and transmitted into solution in the tank.  Under the operation of the transducer, a great number of micro bubbles are produced and explode instantly.  Each explosion generates thousands of air shock waves and heat the water temperature up to hundreds can wash the dirt off on the objects dramatically. 


Here are some of the exceptional cleaning effects: 

 1.  No matter how complex the shape of the object is, ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved as long as the object is immersed in the cleaning solution.

2. The bubbles generated from the solution spread evenly on the object, it makes the cleaning effect consistently.

3. With the use of detergent to help separate and dissolve the contaminants from the workpiece can effectively prevent corrosion from cleaning solution.  
 4.   No manual cleaning involved prevents harming the object from cleaning process, and eliminates the chance to clean up the heavy dirt by physical labor.
Ultrasonic waves in certain frequency ranges work quite well at cleaning dirt from a workpiece.  The ultrasonic cleaning technique has drawn a lot of attentions since its launch.  The application of ultrasonic cleaning machines has increased cleanliness and efficiency.  The dead angle, blind pore, and hard to reach cracks always give the traditional cleaning machine a headache. The new washing technique application makes the job easier than ever.  In recent years, thanks to electronic tech progress, the ultrasonic cleaning technique has become more advanced and the effect is more obvious.  Once the prices are more acceptable by the general public, the ultrasonic cleaners will be like the computers--- none will be able to live without one.  What we learned from all walks of life is that almost every industry needs ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean up something in the production process.  The industries include machinery industry, surface treatment industry, health care industry, instrument industry, electrical and electronics industry, optical industry, semiconductor industry, science and culture, Jewelry watches, petrochemical industry, textile industry and many others.