Single tank 1-piece ultrasonic cleaner
Applications:Custom-made inquiry is welcome


The single tank(1-piece) ultrasonic cleaner can be set up to clean parts as well as a multiple tank at far less cost. This cleaner features a fully integrated ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank in a single enclosure. This unit fits perfectly into a busy power sports or automotive repair shop needing a larger, tougher system for stripping oil, carbon and corrosion from small engine cases and other parts, but don’t have the room for a full-size unit.  It’s used primarily for cleaning small parts, such as coating parts, clock and watch parts, mechanical and hardware parts, spinneret filtration assemblies, semiconductor wafers, optical lenses, spectacle frames, jewelries, glassware and many others. 


  1. Complete unit made of exotic stainless steel is easy maintenance & drip-proof.  Intensified with SS plate, the inner tank is not only acid and alkali resistant but also aesthetic and durable.
  2. Adopting High-Q transducer and adhesive bonding technology from Germany enhance the power of ultrasonic output frequency.
  3. Equipped with the solvent heater and auto-thermostat which stabilize the room temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius—the optimizing temperature for ultrasonic cleaning.


Model L-10300 L-10600 L-10900 L-11200 L-11500 L-11800
Inner tank size 300x230x290 400x300x330 450x350x380 500x400x400 550x450x420 600x500x440
Out tank size 430x290x540 660x360x530 710x410x580 760x460x600 810x510x620 860x560x640
Ultrasonic output 300W 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W
Output frequency 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz
Capacity 20L 40L 60L 76L 99L 126L