Tank size:168 x 89 x 55 mm
Applications:For household & small workshops use


LEO-50 is widely used at home and small workplaces in a variety of cleaning applications and has been proven to be the most efficient method of removing contaminants--such as dust, grease, oil, fluxes, fingerprints, wax, oxides and other deposits--from visible and invisible surfaces, corners and cracks.  In other words, if something can be cleaned with general ways, it can be cleaned much faster and more thoroughly with this device.



*. 5 min. auto shut off timer.

*. Delicate, compact and aesthetic appearance

*. Easy operation & maintenance

*. Safety and high efficiency

*. Eco-friendly and energy-saving design

*. Customer logo is welcome



Spectacles, watch parts, jewelry, diamonds, glass items, signature chops, toothbrushes, dentures, razor blades, machine nozzles, baby bottles, pendants, surgical tools, gold objects and many others. 



Inner tank size:168x89x55 mm

Outer tank size:193x116x118 mm

Tank capacity:600ml

Tank material:Stainless steel SUS304

Housing material:ABS (UL fireproof)

Lid material:Translucent PS plastic

Ultrasonic frequency:46 KHz


Power supply:110V/220V、50/60Hz

N. W.:0.9Kg